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$ProcessHeap = DllCall($Kernel, "hwnd", "GetProcessHeap")
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Why dont you use a few more words to flesh out your question/problems you are running into? To be on the safe side, over explain your problem.

AutoIt Scripts:Aimbot: Proof of Concept - PixelSearching Aimbot with several search/autoshoot/lock-on techniques.Sliding Toolbar - Add a nice Sliding Toolbar to your next script. Click the link to see an animation of it in action!FontInfo UDF - Get list of system fonts, or search to see if a particular font is installed.Get Extended Property UDF - Retrieve a files extended properties (e.g., video/image dimensions, file version, bitrate of song/video, etc)
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It is taken from here

" Error 3 ", @error = 2

I can not call


$MEMORY_REQUESTED = 1024 * 1024  ;request a megabyte
;GetSystemInfo(&sSysInfo)  ;fill the system information structure ------------------------
  $sSysInfo = DllStructCreate("short;short;dword;int;int;int;dword;dword;dword;short;short")
  DllCall("Kernel32.dll", "int", "GetSystemInfo", "ptr", DllStructGetPtr($sSysInfo))
  $dwPageSize = DllStructGetData($sSysInfo,3)
  MsgBox(48,"Error 1","Error: "&@error&" | "&"PageSize: "&$dwPageSize)
;Calculate the number of pages of memory to request.--------------------------------
  $NumberOfPages = $MEMORY_REQUESTED / $dwPageSize
  MsgBox(64,"INFO 1","Requesting pages"&@CRLF&$NumberOfPages&" of memory.")
;Calculate the size of the user PFN array.-------------------------------------------
  $PFNArraySize = $NumberOfPages * DllStructGetSize(DllStructCreate("uint")); ???
  MsgBox(64,"INFO 2","Requesting a PFN array of"&@CRLF&$PFNArraySize&" bytes.")
  ;aPFNs = (ULONG_PTR *) HeapAlloc(GetProcessHeap(), 0, PFNArraySize); ???????????
  $GetProcessHeap = DllCall("Kernel32.dll", "hwnd", "GetProcessHeap")
  MsgBox(48,"Error 2","Error: "&@error&" | "&"Handle Process Heap: "&$GetProcessHeap[0])
  $HeapAlloc =DllCall("Kernel32.dll", "ptr", "HeapAlloc", _ 
                                        "hwnd", $GetProcessHeap[0], _ 
                                        "dword", 0x00000004, _ 
                                        "long", $PFNArraySize)
  MsgBox(48,"Error 3","Error: "&@error&" | "&"Handle Heap Alloc: "&$HeapAlloc[0])
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Probably it?

$R = DllStructCreate("uint")
  $HeapAlloc = DllStructSetData($R,1,DllCall("Kernel32.dll", "ptr", "HeapAlloc", _ 
                                               "hwnd", $GetProcessHeap[0], _ 
                                               "dword", 0x00000004, _ 
                                               "long", $PFNArraySize))
  MsgBox(48,"Error 3","Error: "&@error&" | "&"Handle Heap Alloc: "&DllStructGetData($R,1))
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