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Using an Array of COM objects


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I need to make an array of COM objects. According to the documentation COM objects are in fact pointers which are stored in an autoit variant. If that is the case it would seem that it is save to create an array of COM objects right?

Then I have 2 questions:

1. Is it safe and allowed to use the "With" statement with an array alement which is a COM object? For instance:

With $vComArray[0]
; Where $vComArray[0] is a COM object
oÝ÷ Ûb!«,   èê¶éÛ(^jºÚÊÚö«¦åzåÊØ^¦§µêâ±Ê)çkmJ0¢é].ëajØ!ÈZ*¶©®^®Ø²íêç-jwb·

I could not figure out these for sure from the COM reference. Please forgive me if it is clear and I just did not understand it. I am going to try these on my own, but as these deals with pointers I want to make sure that what I am doing is correct.

Thank you in advance,


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I saw that you added this earlier today, and I was wondering if you found out the answer?

Have you tried to do an array of COM objects and have it fail, or were you just curious?

Actually, I just tried it and I discovered two things:

1. You cannot use "With" with array elements, even if those are COM objects

2. You can have an array of COM objects, even if they are of the same type

3. When you do assign an element of an array which is a COM object to a variable, you are copying a reference, and whaterver you change on the copy is changed in the original as well. However, if you then assign something else to the variable (like 0, for instance) you do not destroy the COM object (the element in the array is still valid).

I hope this helps you!


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