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Time functions


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I ran into a situation where I needed to set the system clock ahead, and did some poking around. At another time, I needed a delay function that would work on multiprocessor machines (has that happened to anyone else?). Finally, I decided to put it all together. Enjoy.

Depending mostly on

MSDN documentaion


Consolewrite($t1 & @crlf)

API_SetLocalTime(+5, "hours") ; set clock forward five hours

API_SetLocalTime(-3, "days") ; set clock back three days

API_SetLocalTime("2006:8:2:29:15:46:55:521") ; set to a specific time (yyyy:month:dayofweekisignored:dayofmonth:hourofday:minute:second:millisecond)



_TimeDelayUpToMS(10000, "MouseAt00()")

; just a sample function that returns a 0 or 1
Func MouseAt00() ; As Boolean
    If MouseGetPos(0) + MouseGetPos(1) = 0 then Return 1
    Return 0
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