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Progress bar for file copying

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sorry about posting vbScript code here, but it is easily converted to autoit.

As the newer version of autoit can use com objects, it ought to be able

to use "Shell.Automation".

The point of this example is that it will use the same system capabilities

as when you copy files using the system (context menu), and you will

get the same system dialog with the progressbar and animation

(that is, those pieces of paper flying through the air).

One caution, with the system dialog, the copy operation must take long

enough for the dialog to show and the animaton "to develop". Otherwise

you won't see anything.

' script to demo shell.application 
Option Explicit
Dim oSHApp  ' as object
Dim sSrc, sDest  ' as string
Const FOF_SIMPLEPROGRESS = 256 '(&H100)

Set oSHApp = CreateObject("Shell.Application")

  sSrc = "c:\windows\temp\*.*"
  sDest = "A:\"

  ' use ms Animated Copy Applet, showing names and progressbar...
  oSHApp.Namespace(sDest).CopyHere sSrc

  ' use ms Animated Copy Applet, showing progressbar (but no names)...
  oSHApp.Namespace(sDest).CopyHere sSrc, FOF_SIMPLEPROGRESS

Set oSHApp = nothing  ' clean up

If you want to take this one level deeper, then you can use the

system api directly. Go to msdn, and read up on the SHFileOperation

api, and its associated SHFILEOPSTRUCT typedef.

When you use the api, you get the same system dialog, progbar

and animation you get with the Shell.App "CopyHere" method.

Also the same caveat applies, if the copy doesn't take very long

you won't ever see the dialog. But then, the only reason to show

a progressbar anyway is to give users something to watch during

a lengthy copy operation.

cheers, jw

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Search the forum...the one I posted does directories, multiple files, moving files, deleting files, etc. See here.


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