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send key problem with strings


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Send keys problem when sending a string with the send keys command, only sending one variable and not the entire string, anyone know why?

$ret = _GUICtrlListViewGetItemText ($listview1, -1, 0)

; Set the RunAs parameters to use local adminstrator account

$USERNAME = "********"

$PASSWORD = "********"

$DOMAIN = @LogonDomain

$RUN = 0 ; run indicator

; retrieve the cycle from commandline

If $CMDLINE[0] = 1 Then $RUN = $CMDLINE[1]

If $RUN = 0 Then


run("explorer.exe","", @SW_MAXIMIZE)

WinWaitActive("My Documents")


$x = StringFormat("%s", $ret)

msgbox(0,"", $x)

Send("{"& $x & " ENTER}")



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I am trying to send the string $x with send keys. It is only showing one variable and not the entire string. A msgbox displays the entire string. How come?


Send($x & "{ENTER}")

SciTE for AutoItDirections for Submitting Standard UDFs


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