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Run Commands questions

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Hi everybody,

I'm searching about the way to launch a software stored in a directory named PROG, and the softwares can be in serverals drive letter.

My script begins like that:

;Launch audacity.exe who is in D:\prog directory


After, I'd like to put my script on a dvd, but the path will change:

The drive letter will change, but not the folder (PROG)

i think the script may be something like that :


Can you help me please ?


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Thanks a lot nfwu, i'll test the code now.

It's ok

here's the beginnig :

; Install automatisée de AUDACITY


; History :

; 12 Septembre 2006 : Audacity version 1.2.4b FR


For $i = Asc('a') to Asc('z')

If FileExists(Chr($i) & ":\prog\audacity.exe") Then Run(Chr($i) & ":\prog\audacity.exe")


WinwaitActive("Setup - Audacity","Welcome to the Audacity Setup Wizard")


;scrip not finished


This works, and i try to move the folder on the C: Drive and it works, thank you !

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