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Interesting Inputbox() behaviour

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Just an FYI, with the following code: hitting "ESC" on the inputbox would generate a $temp with a value of "" and @error with a value of zero....

$temp = InputBox("SSN Entry", "Please enter Social", "", "", -1, -1, @DesktopWidth / 4, @DesktopHeight / 3)
    Case @error = 1
        MyExit (100) ; cancel
    Case @error = 2
        MyExit (200) ; timeout
    Case @error = 3
        MyExit (300) ; faiure
    _cs ($c, "{end}" & $temp & "{numpadenter}")
$temp = waitscreen ($c, "end of matching ssn", 10)
If @error > 0 Or $temp < 1 Then MyExit (400)
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Is the current return value expected behaviour on the inputbox when "ESC" is pressed?

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Your code is unworkable in it's present state.

But this InputBox() does return "Cancel" when "Esc" is pressed.

InputBox("SSN Entry", "Please enter Social", "", "", -1, -1, @DesktopWidth / 4, @DesktopHeight / 3)
Switch @error
    Case 0
        MsgBox(0, '', 'Valid', 3)
    Case 1
        MsgBox(0, '', 'Cancel', 3)
    Case 2
        MsgBox(0, '', 'Timeout', 3)
    Case 3
        MsgBox(0, '', 'Failed to open Inputbox', 3)

Seems fine to me.

Perhaps you are checking ToggleKeys() for @error instead?


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