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Function: monitor_resolutions


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I also attached it (see below the code) so that you can download it.


PS: Made a small update to fix a problems with laptops.

; function monitor_resolutions()
; -John Taylor
; Sept-9-2006
; returns an array of monitors with their corresponding resolutions
; array[0][0] contains the number of monitors
; array[1][0] is the width of the 1st monitor
; array[1][1] is the height of the 1st monitor

Opt("MustDeclareVars", 1)

Func monitor_resolutions()
    local $wmi_svc, $slots, $monitor
    local $h, $v
    local $i
    local $results[16][2]

    local $debug = 0

    $wmi_svc = ObjGet("winmgmts:\\.\root\CIMV2")
    if "" == $wmi_svc then
        if 1 == $debug then MsgBox(0,"WMI Error", "Can connect to WMI service")
        return -1

    $slots = $wmi_svc.ExecQuery("SELECT CurrentHorizontalResolution,CurrentVerticalResolution FROM Win32_VideoController", "WQL", (0x10 + 0x20) )

    if Not IsObj( $slots ) then 
        if 1 == $debug then MsgBox(0, "WMI Error", "No WMI objects found")
        return -2

    ; count the number of monitors and
    ; iterate through each monitor and populate the $results array
    $i = 0
    for $monitor in $slots
        $h = int($monitor.CurrentHorizontalResolution)
        $v = int($monitor.CurrentVerticalResolution)
        if $h <= 1 or $v <= 1 then ContinueLoop

        $i += 1
        if 1 = $debug then MsgBox(0, "Monitor " & $i, "Resolution : " & $h & "x" & $v)

        $results[$i][0] = $h
        $results[$i][1] = $v
    $results[0][0] = $i

    return $results

; testing
Dim $mon = monitor_resolutions()
Dim $j

for $j = 1 to $mon[0][0]
    MsgBox(0, "Monitor " & $j, $mon[$j][0] & "x" & $mon[$j][1])


Edited by jftuga
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