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GUI / 2nd GUI interruptions

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I have not found the thread for this, if it exists.

I have a GUI. Some buttons. Press a button, and some parsing starts to happen. At some point in the parsing, I can msgbox a choice to do something with a particular line of parse.

To give it more options, I made a 2nd GUI, hidden at inception. Now, when I am in a for next loop, and I come across this decision spot, how do I call the 2nd GUI into play. I am using OnEvent mode. If I call a function to show the 2nd GUI, I need that function to stay open and not return. So I use a While loop. But, that effectively kills any button clicking on the 2nd GUI.

Or, I just show the 2nd GUI from the decision spot, but once again, I need to leave that routine and go into another. The only way I know of to stop the current loop and go into another is make it idle there. With some kind of a loop.

I think the function call holds the most promise. I made the 2nd GUI create in a function, but it still accepts no user action.

How can this be achieved?



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Without seeing any of your code, this is what i can suggest:

Before the For Next loop, disable OnEventMode and create the GUI with the controls and such.

Then when the gui is needed within the For Next loop, "call it into play" but showing it (duh :)) and have a While Wend loop within your for next loop to handle anything like that.


$Opt = Opt("GUIOnEventMode", 0)
;Create GUI and controls here
For $i = 1 To $Var
    ; do your stuff here
    If $Somethinghappened Then
        While 1
            $Msg = GUIGetMsg()
            Switch $Msg
                Case $A_Button
                    ;do stuff
                Case $Another_Button
                    ;do stuff
                Case -3 ;close button
    ;continue doing stuff if needed
Opt("GUIOnEventMode", $Opt)

That *should* work, didn't test it though >_<

*EDIT* Didn't see this was 2 years old, hope it can still help though :idiot:

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