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Swapping mouse buttons

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One of the guys I work with is right handed but he sets his mouse to right button primary.

Rule around work is when a person is on vacation, we get to prank him (since he's out, it gives us time to set up booby traps). :)

I want to write a script that would swap his mouse buttons. I can set up a timer that would switch it at random intervals but I need the code to do the swapping without actually popping up the mouse control panel.

I already hit him with my execute app (allows a person to execute commands on other PCs by monitoring a launch file) so he'll know what is going on if I hit him with that again.

If anybody has any other prank-like ideas/code...throw it my way...I need to get this guy back for when I was on vacation. :P


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Help me out...what is the call that would do it.


I don't know, I hadn't used it... look it up on MSDN, or do a search for SwapMouseButton to see if anyones done it yet.



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