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$TVS_TRACKSELECT = window dressing?

QA Stooge

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$TVS_TRACKSELECT, an option for TreeViews, hilights that TreeViewItem which the mouse cursor is hovering over. Not in the classic "selected" manner, but changes the color and underlines it.

But that's it.

I have yet to find any use for it but looking pretty. No way to get the item that's been underlined, no way to set the underlined item (whatever it may be, it need not be known) as selected.

Am I wrong?

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I don't know but I can see some real advantage for users with some kind of disabilities. Whart you are about to select is much clearer.

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I imagin it's the same as the listview function above, haven't messed with the one for treeview

Edit: don't see an equilvalant of the function, but might be a part of getitem or getiitemstate etc...

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