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neo van matix

Switch Mouse Sensitivity

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i've a lil problem...

On Home, i'm working on my notebook with a razer diamondback-mouse.

If i'm on work, i MUST use a logitech mouse, which has a very high sensitivity.

And to switch every time between the settings is very... lame :)

How can i adjust the sensitivity with autoit ? Mod. a Regkey or something else?

Attention! English noob ^^

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So far as I know, it's not controled via a registry key, only by the main.cpl control panel. But, you can automate that. Try this:


func setMouseSense($amount = 5) ; valid settings are 0 to 10
    $amount = int($amount)
    if $amount > 10 then $amount = 10
    run("rundll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL main.cpl,@0,2",@SystemDir,@SW_HIDE)
    winwait("Mouse Properties")
    ControlSend("Mouse Properties","","msctls_trackbar321","{HOME}")
    if $amount > 0 then
        ControlSend("Mouse Properties","","msctls_trackbar321","{RIGHT "&$amount&"}")
    ControlSend("Mouse Properties","","msctls_trackbar321","{ENTER}")
It's not slick or transparent, but perhaps it will serve your stated needs.

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