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How to delete temporary files when program is closed

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Hi everyone :lmao:

I have one simple for you but still hard question for me:

I made an exe which runs certain program, but i have difficulties to delete temporary files which are created when program is exited.


Run ("Laikinas.exe")

if ProcessExists ("Laikinas.exe") then

MsgBox(0,"DEMESIO", "Programa veikia")

Elseif ProcessExists ("Laikinas.exe") then



I've tried to make cycle which checks if the program is running and if it's not executes file deleting.

Thank you in advance for your time. :ph34r:

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If you are not doing anything while the program is active. Perform a RunWait command in stead of a normal Run. Otherwise, do this:

$PID = Run();fill in parameters!

While ProcessExists($PID)
    ;do stuff

; process stopped running.

DirRemove() can delete a directory. So find out where the temporary files are 'hiding' and delete the directory.

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