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Problem with sending keys

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I have recorded a script that cannot be played back. Our application presents a tabbed dialog, and what I've recorded is using CTRL-TAB to move across the tabs and modify values on the tabs. On the 4th tab, I arrow down through a group of radio buttons, and pick the second. Then I tab over to the text field beside that radio button and enter a value ("12", not that it matters). Then I CTRL-TAB on over to the next one tab.

The script that is recorded dies right after that "12" gets entered. When I say "dies", I mean that the CTRL-TAB that follows doesn't appear to be sent through correctly. The script hangs without transferring to the next tab. As soon as I manually click on that tab, the script picks up where it left off.

WinWait("Field Properties","&Duplicate order key")
If Not WinActive("Field Properties","&Duplicate order key") Then WinActivate("Field Properties","&Duplicate order key")
WinWaitActive("Field Properties","&Duplicate order key")
Send("{CTRLDOWN}{TAB}{CTRLUP}{DOWN}12{CTRLDOWN}{TAB}{CTRLUP}")  ; Nothing after the 12 seems to go
WinWait("Field Properties","&1 - Add - Audits th")
If Not WinActive("Field Properties","&1 - Add - Audits th") Then WinActivate("Field Properties","&1 - Add - Audits th")
WinWaitActive("Field Properties","&1 - Add - Audits th")
WinWait("Field Properties","Prompt/edits against")
If Not WinActive("Field Properties","Prompt/edits against") Then WinActivate("Field Properties","Prompt/edits against")
WinWaitActive("Field Properties","Prompt/edits against")

I've also attached a screenshot. Any idea why the CTRL-TAB doesn't go through? I really wanted to drive this app with keys rather than the mouse.


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I think that is something you can test manually. What happens without the script?

So long,


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