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Help with COM objects

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Can anyone help me with using the objects for a program called dbpowerAMP? I am so confused with the format. Any help or basic examples would be great.

all i can get to work is creating the object.

$converter = ObjCreate('DMCScripting.converter')

if IsObj($converter) then MsgBox(0,'','Its an object')

Ya... Pretty sweet. Here is a link to all the info of the object:

dbpowerAMP Scripting


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I ran one of their samples through VAConvert:

; Create $dMC Object
 $dMC = ObjCreate("dMCScripting.Converter")

; Set My options (Volume norm off, ID Tag Preservation On, No delete Source files)
$dMC.VolumeNormalize = 0
$dMC.PreserveTags = 1
$dMC.DeleteSourceFiles = 0

; Set Output Folder (to C:\Conversion123 )
$dMC.ConvertToFolder = 1
$dMC.ToFolder = "C:\Conversion123"

; Add My Files to Convert

; Convert To Wave (No option page, Want Overwrite page, Want finished, Want Errors)
 $dMC.GoConversion("Wave", 1, 0, 0, 0)

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