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Detect Active Directory Password Expiration via VPN

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Been trying to come up with a solution to a common issue.

I have users that VPN mostly, and when their passwords expire, they get locked out of email, internal sites, ect... Who then submit a help ticket as to why they are getting prompted for passwords... Soooo...I was pondering making a Post VPN Script that will detect if their password is expired.

Here is what I have so far...

Basically what I am trying to acheive is this:

While vpngui.exe is up and running do these things:

  • Poll the 4 IP addresses
  • See if any of the above 4 IP's matches the criteria (to verify that they have connected to the network)
  • If yes, then poll Active Directory to see if their password has expired
  • Take the appropriate action based on if the password has expired
Thing I am having issues with:
  • Can't seem to get the IP address criteria to be checked more than the 1st time
  • The Active Directory poll appears to be affected by latency, is there any way to compensate for latency?
#include <Date.au3>

Const $ADS_NAME_TYPE_NT4 = 3
Const $ADS_NAME_TYPE_1779 = 1
Dim $domain = @LogonDomain   ;pulls domain that user is logged into
Dim $username = @UserName    ;pulls username that is logged in
Dim $oMyError
    If ProcessExists ("vpngui.exe") then
    $process = 0
Dim $ping = Ping ( "" ) 
    If $ping > 0 Then
    call ("Expire")
sleep (3000)
until $process = 1

Func Expire ()
sleep (2000)
;~  ConsoleWrite ( "stage 1"& @CRLF)
Dim $oMyError = ObjEvent("AutoIt.Error", "ComError")    
Dim $objRootDSE = ObjGet("LDAP://RootDSE")  
Dim $objTrans = ObjCreate("NameTranslate")  
$objTrans.Init ($ADS_NAME_INITTYPE_GC, "")
$objTrans.Set ($ADS_NAME_TYPE_1779, @LogonDomain)
$objTrans.Set ($ADS_NAME_TYPE_NT4, @LogonDomain & "\" & @UserName)
Dim $strUserDN = $objTrans.Get ($ADS_NAME_TYPE_1779)
sleep (1000)
Dim $UserObj = ObjGet("LDAP://" & $strUserDN)   
Dim $lastlogin =    $UserObj.PasswordLastChanged
Dim $Date = StringMid ($lastlogin, 1, 4)& "/" & StringMid($lastlogin, 5, 2) & "/" & StringMid($lastlogin, 7, 2)
Dim $Time = StringMid($lastlogin, 9, 2) & ":" & StringMid($lastlogin, 11, 2) & ":" & StringMid($lastlogin, 13, 2)

Dim $ExpirationDate = _DateAdd ( "M", 3, $Date)
Dim $TimeLeftExpire = _Datediff ( "D", _NowCalc(), $ExpirationDate)
    If $TimeLeftExpire < 10 > 0 Then
    MsgBox ( 48, "Password Expiration", "Your password will expire in " & $TimeLeftExpire & " Days.")
        If $TimeLeftExpire = 0 then 
        MsgBox ( 48, "Password Expiration", 'Your password has expired, please CTRL + Alt + Del and click "Change Password"')
    If $TimeLeftExpire > 10 Then
    MsgBox ( 48, "Password Expiration", "Your password will expire in " & $TimeLeftExpire & " Days.")

;COM Error function
Func ComError()
    If IsObj($oMyError) Then
        $HexNumber = Hex($oMyError.number, 8)
    Return 0
EndFunc ;==>ComError
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Ok, found a combo that works, change to ping instead of detecting the IP address. Also, I added some sleeps to help with the latency, it seems to work thus far, testing further....

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