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VBS to AU3

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Can someone kindly help me to convert the attached vbscript to AU3. I have tried using the VA Convert but I have alot of errors.


I have used the visual basic to autoit converter myself found here:


I also get errors, but not so many that they can't be fixed by hand. You simply need to go in and fix each problem line by line. Make sure you use SCITE and use the BetaSyntax checker each time you fix a line to get the line with the next error.

I believe I already fixed two errors:

#include <date.au3>

;On Error Resume Nexts
Const $HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE = "&H80000002" ;this value wasn't in quotes

;~ $Serverpath = GetINIString("Config", "ServerPath", , "Inventory.INI") ; this is not a valid autoit function, you simply needed to change this to the below

$Serverpath = INIRead("Inventory.INI","Config","ServerPath","")

Sorry, don't have the time to do the whole script, but i hope this helps and at least gets you started. Remember, the script converter isn't perfect, it does 90% of the work for you, but you are still required to do the last 10% yourself.

-The Kandie Man

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Maybe a bit diffrent aproach. As i noticed the script has bunch of WMI calls. Maybe instead of rewritting it try to find scriptomatic au3 version in Script & Scraps. Then for each WMI call from VBS find the one that corresponds to it (i'm sure those are there). Then work from there. Easier way i think then converting exactly your script as you will have to change mutliple other things to work.

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Don't try to make a vb script into autoit it will make your head go boom.

Speaking out of experience ?

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I am really getting sick of you dnsi. You have made exactly 10 posts here today and as well as I can see, only one was actually useful. Even then, the post was only marginally acceptable as "help". It was really more like you were telling him off for using autoit to try something instead of using visual basic. This begs the question - what exactly are you here for? Are you just wasting your time? If so, you are also wasting others time. If so, PLEASE waste your time elsewhere.

EDIT: Spelling

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