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tcp / udp

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i'm makin a script for scanning ports, setting up one machine to listen, one to scan, unless someone has already done this???1

so w/ these tcp/udp commands, can i cause for example:

make it listen on all ports?

TCPListen($g_IP, 1-65353, 100)

or can you only listen on one port at a time?


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yeah i'm testing security on ports, i'm using a port scanner called nmap, it scans a port then reports if its filtered, closed, or open

command is nmap -p1-65535 "ip address" so the scanning part i don't necessarily have to script, it will sweep through all ports at once already

but the only way i can test open is if a program is actively listening to the port, i found a program that listens but i can only test one port at a time... i'm trying to find a way to set a program or programs to listen on all ports so i can get them all in one test

i found that big post w/ the tcp tutorial i'm tryin to make sense of that maybe

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