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Populate list from text file

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All - I'm trying to use a text file with the following format: 10/11/2006,Jones,Jim,1234567890 to populate a list in my GUI, I've tried about a thousand different ways to do it without any luck. So, any suggestions on how this could best be done? The file will likely contain up to 300 of these entries. Thanks! - Tim

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A simple script with a function to add a list view item:

GUICreate ( "List populator thing", 300, 300 )
$list = GUICtrlCreateListView ( "Date|Last|First|???", 5, 5, 290, 290 )
$newitem = AddToList ( "10/11/2006,Jones,Jim,1234567890", $list )
GUISetState ( )
While GUIGetMsg() <> -3
    Sleep ( 1 )
Func AddToList ( $stringtoadd, $listid )
    $stringtoadd = StringSplit ( $stringtoadd, "," )
    $listviewstring = ""
    For $n = 1 To $stringtoadd[0]
        $listviewstring &= $stringtoadd[$n] & "|"
    Return GUICtrlCreateListViewItem ( $listviewstring, $listid )

The function uses bad coding techniques so you should modify it before you use it.

Just go through a file line by line and use the method I just showed you.

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