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Replace ' with "'"

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I am trying to replace all instances of a single quotation mark in a text file with "'" (single quotation mark between 2 double quotation marks) in order to import the result in a SQL database, which does not like single quotation marks.

Basically it is a name import. All works well until the import process encounters O'Donnell.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

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If you have the latest beta you may be interested in...

Global $myString = "This is someone's string of strings. I need to find Jarvis' favorite cup."
Global $myRE = "'"
Global $myReplace = '"' & "'" & '"'

$tsrstart = TimerInit()
$myStringReplace = StringReplace($myString, $myRE, $myReplace)
$tsrend = TimerDiff($tsrstart)

$tsrestart = TimerInit()
$myStringREReplace = StringRegExpReplace($myString, $myRE, $myReplace, 0)
$tsreend = TimerDiff($tsrestart)

MsgBox(0, "Test...", "String Replace Time:" & @TAB & $tsrend & @CRLF & $myStringReplace & @CRLF & @CRLF & _
                     "String RE Replace Time:" & @TAB & $tsreend & @CRLF & $myStringREReplace)

It was a quick test I did to see the time differences.

On a larger string StringREReplace should be much faster.


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