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I'm trying to make an OnExitFunction which cleans up the temporary files it created if it finds half way through that it can't process the rest. Insufficient file/directory privaliges can cause this, and it's not just a matter of being an Admin. I can't test for it before I've created the Temporary files, because they will determine what directories and files you need to have write privalages for. My script will become very large if I need to write cleanup code for all the places it might fail so an OnExitFunction is ideal. (GoTo would do but it's only for onerror GoTo)

Trouble is all the other Opt() functions need an Option name as String and a parameter as number. How do I set the parameter of Opt() for the "OnExitFunction" option? The help files description:-

OnExitFunc Sets the name of the function called when AutoIt exits (default is OnAutoItExit).

Isn't particulaly helpful as the line:-




Fails too. :lmao:

Anybody get this fascility to work who can provide a good example?

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