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Movies on Dutch TV

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This script extracts data from the popular FilmTotaal.nl website.

First it was using the IE COM object: very slow 5s for 3 pages.

Then I added the new RegExp functionality, it went way faster.


- Show movies from upcoming days (up to 7 days) in each tab

- Saves the downloaded pages for later. Like a cache, for speed.

(It downloads once a day. And every week same files are used/replaced.)

- Select one or multiple movies to delete

- Restore the entire list to review.

- Sort movies by clicking the column header. By rate, time, title, channel

- View more information about the movie (links to the unique FilmTotaal page)

- Use the checkbox to remember the movie. Next time it will be checked.


- Use the beta (at least v3.2.1.7)

- Run script

Hotkeys for use are:

DELETE = Delete movie from list

F5 = Restore movies from 'this day'

Because InetGet slows things down, I added the cache support.

From 4s to 0.268s for 7 days. Only the first time (each day) it'll take 4s.


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thanks this is way easier than the newspapers

or in dutch:

bedankt, dit is veel makkelijker dan de krant


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