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problems with strings, double quotes going into a Run()

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ok my problem is best described with some code...

$1d2exe = '"C:\Program Files\Diablo II\Diablo II.exe" -w -mpq j.mpq -res800 -notitle -skiptobnet -title "Diablo II J"'
Global $d2exe = $1d2exe;this is changed with other $acc = $2acc further down to load other apps/diferent switches

the game loads up but with problems.

i've tried adding double quotes in various ways & runing it through _RunDos() with no avail.

yes this is used to launch the game.

the problem is i think that the command switches arn't getting thru too well (the game reports unknown game version when connecting to server)

i've tried incleuding the working directory & that just put it into the -title.

a solution might be to have _RunDos() point to a shortcut, but thats just silly... i should be able to run it with just the script. :lmao:

im just stumped here. :ph34r:

im shure it has somthing to do with double quotes, there evil! :geek:

people are anoying, am i? ;) v2.95

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I do not have the game, but I found this elsewhere in the forum:

Run('Diablo II.exe -w -mpq j.mpq -res800 -notitle -skiptobnet -title "Diablo II J"', "C:\Program Files\Diablo II")
Run(@ProgramfilesDir & "\Diablo II\D2Loader.exe -w -skiptobnet", @ProgramfilesDir & "\Diablo II", @SW_MAXIMIZE)

So long,


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