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hey i am new to autoit and i am having trouble trying to find the "loop" command, well thats if there is one?

i would like to know if there is a "loop" command so i can put it at the end of my script and it just runs through everything in my script again, so i dont have to write the same things out heaps of times and muck it up.

is there such a command in autoit??

o yeah i am running: autoit v3 if that helps you in anyway?

thanks guys in advanced because i am sure there is a command or something i could do to make it do this but yeah if there is anything like "loop" or it is "loop" please help me out because i have been looking for days with no luck. (i must be real brainless or there is no such way to do this?)

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There are many kinds of loops.

While Loop

$expression_is_true = true
;do code here
    ][ÝÓ^HÛÜ    ][ÝË  ][ÝÒ]][Û ][ÝÈ  [È ÌÍÚJB[[

also, you might want to check out, "Welcome to AutoIt 1-2-3".


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Thanks for the help and for giving me the help so fast . I went to that link you gave me and it was very helpful and i have already downloaded a few files to help me out and im sure they will.

ps. i used one of those looping codes and now my program loops so anyone else who was going to reply you dont have to because i found the right code and i am happy now :-)

thanks once again

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