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how can i know which item has been selected

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For 3 questions:

1, a listview includs many ListViewItem s when the programe running ,how can i know which of the ListViewiItem has been selected.

2,how to clear all the listviewitems(not named) in a listview


While Not $rs.eof Or $rs.bof
GUICtrlSetData($List1,"id:"&$RS.fields(0).value&" start time:"&$RS.fields(1).value&"  endtime:"&$RS.fields(2).value&"  used:"&$RS.fields(3).value)
$item1 = GuiCtrlCreateListViewItem($RS.fields(0).value&"|"&$RS.fields(1).value&"|"&$RS.fields(2).value&"|"&$RS.fields(3).value,$list1)

i want to make $item1,$item2,$item3...... for all the recoder. How to name these?

My English is so pool ,sorry!

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