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Reading and changing checkbox state


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I have successfully been able to create my own GUI, and create checkboxes, and read whether they are checked or not. I can't figure out how to read the state of a checkbox in a window that is built into windows...If ya know what I mean. I am trying to check to see if this check box is checked, if it is, check it, if not do nothing. Thanks!

Run('rundll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL desk.cpl,,5')
WinWait('Display Properties')
ControlCommand ('Display Properties', '', "SysTabControl321" , "tabright")
WinWait('Display Properties','Customize &Desktop...')
ControlClick('Display Properties','','Button3')
WinWaitActive('Desktop Items')
$MyDocsState = GUICtrlRead(30077)

;not sure where to go from here as I tried to MsgBox out $MyDocsState and it is always 0, whether checked or not. Arg...

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