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File to string

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I have run into another little road block. I tried to use your code as a template to continue the program but i get an error saying ">

C:\Program Files\AutoIt3\SciTE\..\autoit3.exe" /ErrorStdOut "C:\Documents and Settings\jim\Desktop\wpitake2.au3"    
C:\Documents and Settings\jim\Desktop\wpitake2.au3 (37) : ==> Array variable has incorrect number of subscripts or subscript dimension range exceeded.: 
Until StringLeft($blocksplit[$count], 4) = "'];" 
Until StringLeft(^ ERROR
>Exit code: 0    Time: 0.314oÝ÷ ØéºØ¬jÇèZ0±«­¢+ÙÁɽmÁ¹tõlÌäìܵi¥ÀиÐÈÌäítì)ÍmÁ¹tõlÌäìܵi¥À¥Ì¥±É¡¥ÙÈÝ¥Ñ ¡¥ ½µÁÉÍÍ¥½¸ÉÑ¥¼¸Ìäítì)Õ¥mÁ¹tõlÌäìܵi¥ÀÌäítì)±ÑmÁ¹tõlÌäíåÌÌäítì)ÑmÁ¹tõlÌäíUÑ¥±¥Ñ¥ÌÌäítì)½ÉmÁ¹tõlÌäí¹¼Ìäítì)½¹¥ÍmÁ¹tõlÌäíåÌÌäítì)½¹mÁ¹tõlÌäí¥±á¥ÍÑÌ ÀäÈìÌäìÁɽɵ¥±ÌÀäÈìÀäÈìÀäÈìÌäì¤Ìäítì)µÅmÁ¹tõlÌäìÝÁ¥ÁÑ ÀäÈìÀäÈí%¹Íѱ°ÀäÈìÀäÈìܵi¥À¹áÌäítì)Á¸¬¬oÝ÷ Øë­¦ël¥u·ªº{Î*jºSê.¶­1Dr~º&¶¬)Þjëh×6uid[pn]=['7-Zip'];

The reason for this is because i will later use that output for file names and other things, plus it will always be striped of spaces if it comes from that line.

Thanks in advance for your help:)

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