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Embeding cmd.exe into a form?

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I have just started using AutoIt yesterday and have cobbled a couple of very simple scripts together which work quite nicely, my question is is it possible to embed a command prompt or telnet window within a form? if so how would i go about doing this?

One of the things i am wanting to do is create a form with a command window on one side of the form and put buttons on the other side of the form to pass over the commands to the command window that i do on a reguar basis .

any idea's, thoughts and comments greatly appreciated

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I was able to get the cmd.exe into XSkin with this

Func CallRun()
    ;; XSkinRun( $XR_Title, $XR_Program)
    $Myrunner = XSkinRun ("Command Line", "cmd.exe")
    $loop = 1
EndFunc   ;==>CallRun

just chage the filename/function in this script


the buttons and stuff may or may not work...


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