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List Open Files, and by Who, on a system, locally or remotely !

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Ok, after a lot of researches, i've found that the APIs that use windows to determine what files is opened, and by who, on a system, is NetFileEnum of the netapi32.dll

but..after a lot of try, i really don't understand dllcall

i think that application could be really needed by everyone to see who is connected to your computer, or on a remote computer !

here some links that was my source

on msdn first :


and a guy that has developed an little application with this, in .NET

VBNet example using NetFileEnum

and here is my script, but doesn't work...i really don't understand anything to dllcall, sorry :/

Dim $servername,$basepath,$username,$element,$entriesread,$totalentries
DllCall("netapi32.dll","long","NetFileEnum","long",$servername,"long",$basepath,"long",$username,"long",3,"long", _

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