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PixelGetColor - looping help maybe?

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i dont think i quite get this,

;MyPixelLocation =(100, 100)
;MyRodLocationLeft =(40, 60)
;MyRodLocationRight =(60, 60)
$MyPixelColor = hex(0xFFF1FF)
$MyRodColor = hex(0xFF0FFF)
;!=   means "is not equal to" ?

While  PixelGetColor(100, 100) != $MyPixelColor
        Then;go back to while 
        if PixelGetColor(40, 60) = $MyRodColor   
            then;press right
        elseif PixelGetColor(60, 60) = $MyRodColor
            Then;press left
        else;go back to first 'if statement'
        EndIf @error

any help or even a point in the right direction would help, thank you in advance.


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While 1
  $px = PixelGetColor(100, 100)
  If $px <> $MyPixelColor Then
        If PixelGetColor(40, 60) = $MyRodColor Then Send("{RIGHT}")
        If PixelGetColor(60, 60) = $MyRodColor Then Send("{LEFT}")
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½±½È ÀÌØíI½aH°ÀÌØíI½d¤ôÀÌØí5åI½
½±½ÈQ¡¸M¹ ÅÕ½Ðíí1QôÅÕ½Ðì¤(¹%)]¹(

note: the variables make it easy for you to edit your script should the locations change.

Also, the other poster forgot the '<>(not equal to)' and just used the '=(equal to)' operator.

Lastly, any noobies who ever need help with a problem, please use this post as an example... So many times I've seen people write things like, "i dont know how to do this, help me!", with no script and no explanation of the problem. The OP here provided a well documented attempt and althought he is not particularly familiar with the language, it becomes really easy to help him.

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