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approximation numbers

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hello, i got short question

i'd like to make a script what calculate some formulas

to correct working i need to approximate numbers

i need numbers like 2, 68, 1459 ...

but after division i got 2,14 68,015 1459,821

here is a part of my code

$szybkosc = 1800

Func szybkosc_up  ()
TrayTip("", "Speed UP",1,16)

Func szybkosc_down  ()
TrayTip("", "Speed Down",1,16)

if $xxxx = 1 then
If $z= 60000/ $szybkosc  Then; i need here a number without ,3265432127 to call macro1 every 1 minute
Call ("macro1")
$z = 1
$z = $z +1

sorry for my english and thx for help

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and maybe have a look at Ceiling and Floor, too.

So long,


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Ehm...why do you use Call like that ? When you know the function name at the time you

write the script there's no need to do it like that, but instead you could have just called it

directly : macro1()

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