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How to search after a .doc type file in a folder?

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$search = FileFindFirstFile("J:\Dokumenter\"&"*.doc")

As you maybe can see I wanna to search for .doc files only in J:\Dokumenter. But it wont work :whistle:.

How do I do that?

Thank you ;)

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_FileListTo Array()

in help



I have tryed, follow the help file,:

#Include <File.au3>
#Include <Array.au3>
If (Not IsArray($FileList)) and (@Error=1) Then
    MsgBox (0,"","No Files\Folders Found.")

And the help file says;

lists files and\or folders in a specified path (Similar to using Dir with the /B Switch)

#include <File.au3>

_FileListToArray($sPath [, $sFilter [, $iFlag]])


$sPath Path to generate filelist for.

$sFilter Optional the filter to use, default is *. Search the Autoit3 helpfile for the word "WildCards" For details.

$iFlag Optional: specifies wheather to return files folders or both

$iFlag=0(Default) Return both files and folders

$iFlag=1 Return files only

$iFlag=2 Return Folders only

Thanks :whistle:

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