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for now my scrip work verry good but I want to know if I can add a func on it.

for now I have 2 choice the end for start the script and the home for quit the script... is it possible to set an other key for just take a break lol

only like set someting for he wait the time I need to do someting

I want touch the break on keybord for stop the script and if I touch again the break that restart where the script stop

is that possible ?

Global $Paused
HotKeySet("{END}", "TogglePause")
HotKeySet("{home}", "Terminate")
HotKeySet("{break}", "notPaused")

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Not really sure what you mean, you could just have your break function go:

Func Pause()
   Until _IsPressed(*break*) = 1

If you do something like that, make sure that it doesnt pause until they have released break (or else it would be very difficult to make this work (as once its run 'break' would already be pressed, since it was hotkeyed)

edit, unless you meant pause the script... Im not sure how you do that though =/

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