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ControlSend() works, then it doesn't work

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i use AutoGordianKnot for converting my DVDs into Xvid-Videos.

When i am at work, i let AGK do its job...

In the morning my computer starts automatically from suspend mode --> it makes me wake up.

A script is also running in the background. This script checks the time, and when the correct time has come,

it sends via ControlSend() a specific shortcut to the AGK-Window to start the job queue for encoding.

Unfortunately, the real start button is strange. AutoIt Info doesn't give me any information about it. So i cannot use it with ControlSend(). It's a button, that only is being highlighted, when the mouse cursor is on it.

So i choose another control, AutoIt can interact with. My script does this:

    sleep(20000)   ;20sec-delay should ensure not to miss the spec. time
Until @HOUR = 6 And @MIN = 30
ControlSend("len0x presents", "", "TJvRichEdit1", "^r")

The problem is, sometimes it works, sometimes it does not.

Any ideas what's wrong?


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From the top of my head.

The control is dynamic and not pressent when you try to click it?

Solution: Make sure the window is active. Move the mouse to the correct location relative to the window. Send a ControlClick or just click.

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