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Copy Script on windows xp not working

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I have run into problems with windows xp. When I have users run this script it does not create the directory and copy the files. This works perfectly on a windows 2000 machine. What line of code am I missing for xp?

Code below:

#include <GUIConstants.au3>

#include <file.au3>

DirRemove("C:\Program Files\Service Desk\Avaya", 1)

DirCreate("C:\Program Files\Service Desk\Avaya")

$workingdir = @WorkingDir

FileChangeDir("C:\Program Files\Service Desk\Avaya")

FileCopy("\\Hosvr4\Docs\Service Desk\Avaya\Avaya.exe", "C:\Program Files\Service Desk\Avaya\Avaya.exe")

FileCopy("\\Hosvr4\Docs\Service Desk\Avaya\avaya.bmp", "C:\Program Files\Service Desk\Avaya\avaya.bmp")

FileCopy("\\Hosvr4\Docs\Service Desk\Avaya\CITY.txt", "C:\Program Files\Service Desk\Avaya\CITY.txt")

FileCreateShortcut("C:\Program Files\Service Desk\Avaya\Avaya.exe", "C:\Documents and Settings\" & @UserName & "\Desktop\Avaya Password Reset.lnk")


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