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GUI stops reacting on actions

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Have been working on this problem for days now & i simply cant figure out Why its not working, since no mather how mutch i rewrote the script, the end result is the same all works but this problem stays.

TO go to problematic part press CTRL+F & serch for: Case $msg = $OK

This is what it should do:

Run GUI & press OK button.

IT will open IE & go to www....

Once logged in ( it wont log in because you dont have pass But i made GUI think that it has logged in. so result is same just prerss OK button )

it will redirect to another www.....

now it will open notepad & seart entering this:

While 1
    WEndoÝ÷ Øò¢éæ§Êaz¼"Ú0iËb½éèÂÇ+pYijëjjpYkz˦zÜzØ^º{b¶WÂ)Ý£¬iËb½æ j)ÛKb*.Â+!¶±Ñ"z0
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