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add to a string with letters and numbers

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I have an array of filenames called $mpg

all my video files are name with MOVXXXXX.MPG where the x's are numbers. I would like to add 4000 to every number in the array then rename all the files with that new number. How can i do this? I am guessing split it into 3 different strings, beginning, middle, and end and add 4000 to the middle string?

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You can do as you have sugested or you could use StringRegExpReplace. I can't test this code now so you will have to experiment a little to get it right.

Local $data = FilreRead(<datafile or other>)
Local $regexp = "MOV(\d+)\.MPG"
Local $replace = "MOV4000\1\.MPG" ;\1 is supposed to be replaced with the content of (\d+)
; You have to lookup $flags
; Not sure about the placements of the variables.
Local $res = StringRegExpReplace($data, $regexp, $replace, $flags)

Then you use FileMove to rename your files.

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