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Initiate CD burn

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Is it possible to directly inititiate the burner (on an XP machine) through autoit without opening the CD drive and moving the mouse to "write these files to CD"?



can't help directly with the replying to the initiate cd burn thing (are there keyboard shortcuts you can use for this in your scripts... i'd guess not) but you may be able to use an alternative such as CreateCD from http://isorecorder.alexfeinman.com/CreateCD.htm and use the command line to burn your CD's...

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Well part of my code exports files to the CD directory during run time. I also have control over the OS of all pcs running my app. It seems much easier to use XP's CD creating function. Any other suggestions? Effectivly I need to engage the CD burn capability and be notified when it is done. I guess worse case scenerio I could open up the D: drive and have the user actually push the "write to CD folder" but I am unable to open up the folder with this option. Everytime it opens up it is in tree view.

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Try this:

Const $BurnQueueFolder = @AppDataDir & "\Microsoft\CD Burning"
Const $BurnDrive = "E:\"
Const $BurnWizardTitle = "CD Writing Wizard"
Const $BurnVerb = "Write &these files to CD"

$oApp = ObjCreate("Shell.Application")

;~ ;debug verbs...
;~ $verbs=$oApp.Namespace($BurnDrive).Self.Verbs
;~ For $verb in $verbs
;~  ConsoleWrite($verb.name & @crlf)
;~ next

Send("A CD Title")

If you could post the part where you actually get the files into the queue, we've got ourselves an AutoIt based CD burning program. :whistle:

Edit: Looks like it's @AppDataDir & "\Microsoft\CD Burning". Just copy files in there and go. Nifty!

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