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Pass Argument on Clicked file

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Tried to search but... could not find.

How can I pass the %1 argument into a Autoit variable?

If a file is associated to notepad.exe, and I clicked on it to open the file within notepad.

How would grab the notepad %1 argument and feed to an autoit variable?



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This is directly from the helpfile:

Command Line Parameters

The special array $CmdLine is initialized with the command line parameters passed in to your AutoIt script. Note the scriptname is not classed as a parameter; get this information with @ScriptName instead. A parameter that contains spaces must be surrounded by "double quotes". Compiled scripts accept command line parameters in the same way.

$CmdLine[0] is number of parameters

$CmdLine[1] is param 1 (after the script name)

$CmdLine[2] is param 2 etc


$CmdLine[$CmdLine[0]] is one way to get the last parameter...

So if your script is run like this:

AutoIt3.exe myscript.au3 param1 "this is another param"

$CmdLine[0] equals... 2

$CmdLine[1] equals... param1

$CmdLine[2] equals... this is another param

@ScriptName equals... myscript.au3

In addition to $CmdLine there is a variable called $CmdLineRaw that contains the entire command line unsplit, so for the above example:

$CmdLineRaw equals... myscript.au3 param1 "this is another param"

If the script was compiled it would have been run like this:

myscript.exe param1 "this is another param"

$CmdLineRaw equals... param1 "this is another param"

Note that $CmdLineRaw just return the parameters.

Note : only 63 parameters can be return by $CmdLine[...], but $CmdLineRaw will always returns the entire command line.


So I guess you would like to

Dim $MyVar
If $Cmdline[0]=1 Then

MsgBox(0, 'MyVar', $MyVar)

Remind that parameters with spaces like test me need to be surrounded by "s.

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