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Remove spaces from directory stucture

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I need to replace spaces in our directory structure with underscores. The script below is close, but once it renames the first directory, it fails. I think it's still using the variable value prior to when the first directory gets renamed and since it can't find it any longer, it fails.

Any tips on how to get this working, or if there's a better way?


Global $cCollection, $oFSO, $oItem, $oFolder
Global $cFiles

Dim $TopFolder, $Path, $Name, $NameLen, $NewName, $NumberReplaced, $DirMove

$TopFolder = (@WorkingDir & "\Test\")

$oFSO = ObjCreate('Scripting.FileSystemObject')

$oFolder = $oFSO.GetFolder($TopFolder)

$cFiles = $oFolder.Files

For $oFile in $cFiles
Func RemoveSpaces($oFolder)

 If Not @error Then  

  $cCollection = $oFolder.SubFolders

  For $oItem In $cCollection
   ;msg("$oItem.Path = " & $oItem.Path)
   ;msg("$oItem.Path = " & $oItem.Name)  
   $Name = $oItem.Name
   $Path = $oItem.Path   
   $NameLen = StringLeft($path,StringLen($path)-StringLen($Name))
   ;msg("$NameLen = " & $NameLen)
   $cFiles = $oItem.Files
   ;msg("$Name = " & $Name)
   If StringInStr($Name, " ") Then 

    $NewName = StringReplace($Name, " ", "_")
    $NumberReplaced = @extended
    $DirMove = DirMove($oItem.Path, $NameLen & "\" & $NewName)   
   msg("$DirMove = " & $DirMove & "    1 is successfull" & @CRLF _
    & $NumberReplaced & "spaces replaced")
   msg("$NewName = " & $NewName)

 ElseIf @error Then

EndFunc ;RemoveSpaces()

Func msg($msg) 
MsgBox(0, "msgbox", $msg)
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Try this:

#include <Constants.au3>

$TopFolder = (@WorkingDir & "\Test\")

$foo = Run(@ComSpec & " /c dir /s /b", $TopFolder, @SW_HIDE, $STDOUT_CHILD)
$output = ""
While 1
    $output &= StdoutRead($foo)
    If @error Then ExitLoop
$output = StringStripWS($output,3)  
$aDirs = stringsplit($output,@crlf,1)

for $i = $aDirs[0] to 1 step -1 ; we have to do the subdirectories first
    $dir = $aDirs[$i]
    if stringinstr(FileGetAttrib($dir),"D") Then
        $slashloc = StringInStr($dir,"\",0,-1)
        $dirname = stringmid($dir,$slashloc+1)
        $parentname = stringleft($dir,$slashloc)
        $newdir = $parentname & StringReplace($dirname," ","_")
        DirMove ($dir,$newdir)

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Hello lod3n,

Your script function very well. But I would like you explain each line.

I can tell you, your script functioned for certain files once, but after he didn't function ???

Thank you in advance.

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