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How do i write string characters to an array

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This is probably another BASIC question but i dont have a real great understanding of arrays. I have an OCR script that returns strings to me representing certain times of the day. The problem is i cant get my ocr to read the ":" character correctly. Everything other character comes back fine. So what i'd like to do is take the string and convert each character to an index number of an array. For instance:

$string= 1022AM







i wanna do this so i can properly recreate the string to display in the correct format (10:22 AM). How do i go about doing this?

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have a look at StringSplit()

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Could you use @HOUR and @ MIN instead, thereby eliminating your problem altogether?

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didnt dawn on me that i could use "" as a delimiter.. pays to read the help file i guess. Thanks guys

and no i cant use macros because i'm not reading the current time persay, just used that as a simple example.

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