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This is a pretty random question but if I sent the mouseup command (so that I can do a function that the game wont allow me to do with the mouse held down) how do I know when the user actually releases the mouse button? Effectivly I want to make a loop that releases the left mouse button (so that I can do my function) but waits for the user to release it before it exits the loop.

in pseduo code

while mousedown("left")=1
    Mouseup("left") ;the mouse up I need to send to perform my function
    insert function here
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#Include <Misc.au3>

While _IsPressed("01")
    ;insert function here
Well thats kind of the problem I can't have a loop that waits for the mouse to be up when I send a mouse up command in the loop. Effectivly it only goes thru one iteration. Is there a way of waiting for a 2nd mouse up or is there a way of designating a user's mouse up command versus the program's?
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