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I search AutoIt v3.2.0.1 help file and forum. I couldn't find anything about OpenFileDialog in which allow me multi select files, folders or both. I decide to make my own function _OpenFileFolderDialog($sTitle, $sMsg, $iFoldersOnly = 0, $iParent = '') still need some work, but it is almost there. What I can figure out is how to create an array with the selected check boxes.

Thanks to Holger (Tristate GUI TreeView) and Randallc (AutoIt3Ex.au3)

Basically I combine the two script.

Unzip and run Example.au3

Thanks in advance...

AutoIt Scripts:NetPrinter - Network Printer UtilityRobocopyGUI - GUI interface for M$ robocopy command line
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Danny35d : I've finished your work !!!!

Now _OpenFolderFileDialog() return an array with the selected files/folder

I'm currently working to debug it. I'll post it when debuging will be done :)

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_OpenFileFolderDialog($sTitle, $sMsg, $iFoldersOnly = 0, $iParent = '')

Retrun an array of selected TreeViewItems in function of $iFoldersOnly

$iFoldersOnly = -1 >> Display Files & Folders but return only files

$iFoldersOnly = 0 (Default) >> Display Files & Folders and return both

$iFoldersOnly = 1 >> Display Folders Only and return folders



Fixed: 2nd level tree folder wasn't returned in array.


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