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Could someone point me in the right direction.

This function no longer works with the beta. (Still can't get my head around stringregexp!)


Func _GetMAC($getmacindex = 1)
    $ipHandle = Run(@ComSpec & ' /c ipconfig /all', '', @SW_HIDE, 2)
    Local $stream
    While NOT @error
        $stream = $Stream & StdoutRead($ipHandle)
    $macdashed = StringRegExp(StringStripWS($stream, 3), '([0-9A-F]{2}-[0-9A-F]{2}-[0-9A-F]{2}-[0-9A-F]{2}-[0-9A-F]{2}-[0-9A-F]{2})', 3)

    If Not @extended Then Return 0
    If Not IsArray($macdashed) Then Return 0
    If $getmacindex = 0 Then Return UBound($macdashed)
    If $getmacindex < - 1 Then Return 0
    If $getmacindex > UBound($macdashed) Or $getmacindex = -1 Then $getmacindex = UBound($macdashed)
    $macsemicolon = StringReplace($macdashed[$getmacindex - 1], '-', ':', 0)
    Return $macsemicolon

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