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Executing commands from a text file


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Is it possible to have a program execute commands written in a text file?

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Valuater's example reads a text file. The text file has nothing in it but this:


The script that he has reads that text file's first line which is RunNote and from there it then calls the function RunNote() that is located in the script. You could have it call any function in the script this way.

Another way you can do this is by using the /AutoIt3ExecuteScript method. Check out my External Excute UDF in my signature. It is a UDF that will allow a compiled script to execute other scripts that are in au3 or a3x format. This allows for a dynamic functionality, similar to dll files.

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Another example:


$read = IniRead("script.ini", "Section1", "1", "error")
If $read = "error" Then
    MsgBox(0, "ERROR", "An unknown error has occured.")
$split = StringSplit($read, ",")
    Case $split[0] = 0
        Call("MBox", 0, "ERROR", "Undefined Parameters")
    Case $split[0] = 1
        Call($split[1], 0, "ERROR", "Undefined Parameters")
    Case $split[0] = 2
        Call($split[1], 0, "ERROR", "Undefined Parameters")
    Case $split[0] = 3
        Call($split[1], 0, "ERROR", "Undefined Parameters")
    Case $split[0] = 4
        Call($split[1], $split[2], $split[3], $split[4])
    Case $split[0] = 5
        Call($split[1], $split[2], $split[3], $split[4], $split[5])

Func MBox($flag, $title, $text, $timeout)
    MsgBox($flag, $title, $text, $timeout)

script.ini file:


1 = MBox, 0, Testing My Function, Did it work right?, 3

Doesn't have to be .ini file, but i prefer to use .ini files in my scripting. Just another example to maybe help you understand.

- Dan [Website]

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