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Outlook Online/Offline

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I'm trying to port over the following code... It tells you if Outlook is set to Work Offline or not...

$objSession = ObjCreate("MAPI.Session")

$objSession.Logon ("", "", False, False)

$objInfostore = $objSession.GetInfoStore($objSession.Inbox.StoreID)

$bolOffline = $objInfostore.Fields("&H6632000B")

If $bolOffline Then
  MsgBox (0, "", "Online")
  MsgBox (0, "", "Not Online")

The original code is:

MsgBox "Online = " & IsOutlookOnline

Function IsOutlookOnline()

   Dim objSession
   Dim objInfoStore
   Dim bolOffline

   Set objSession = CreateObject("MAPI.Session")

   ' Use the existing Outlook session
   objSession.Logon "", "", False, False

   Set objInfostore = objSession.GetInfoStore(objSession.Inbox.StoreID)

   ' Check if it's offline
   bolOffline = objInfostore.Fields(&H6632000B) 'PR_STORE_OFFLINE

   If bolOffline Then
      IsOutlookOnline = False
      IsOutlookOnline = True
   End If

   Set objInfoStore = Nothing
   Set objSession = Nothing

End Function

What am I doing wrong? Also, does anyone know if there's a way to then change Outlook to being in Work Offline mode and vice versa?

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This works for me.

Const $PR_STORE_OFFLINE = 0x6632000B

ConsoleWrite(IsOutlookOnline() & @CR)

Func IsOutlookOnline()
    Local $oSession, $oInfoStore, $bOffline

    $oSession = ObjCreate("MAPI.Session")
    ; Use the existing Outlook session
    $oSession.Logon ("", "", False, False)
    $oInfostore = $oSession.GetInfoStore($oSession.Inbox.StoreID)
    ; Check if it's offline
    $bOffline = $oInfostore.Fields($PR_STORE_OFFLINE) ;PR_STORE_OFFLINE
    $oInfoStore = 0
    $oSession = 0
    If $bOffline Then
        Return 0
        Return 1

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