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Getting FileOpenDialog selected item name?

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Okay, so I have a little problem.

I'm trying to get the name of a file that a user chooses with a Fileopendialog.

I had a GUICtrlRead ( Fileopendialog ) but that doesn't seem to work.

Right now I have this:

Func OpenSong()
$SongOpenText = FileOpenDialog ( "Select Sone Please", "C;", "Mp3 (*.Mp3)" , 4  )
$Text = GuictrlRead ( $songOpenText )
$Name = FileGetShortName ( "" & GUICtrlRead ( $text ) , 1 )
SoundPlay ( $SongOpenText )
GUICtrlSetData ( $playlist, "" & $name ) 

This does not seem to work.

If you need more information or the whole script posted, tell me :\

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