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Pixel Percent

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is their a method to find a percent of pixels within an area?

this would be extremly useful for reading health and other attributes on screen like process bar etc.

like "pixelpercent(200,200,400,400, 0xFFFFFF)"

then find use the total amount of pixels and do some basic math to work out how many are white?...

does this exist? or is their a method anyone knows of?

thanks in advance

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Func _PixelPercent($left, $top, $right, $bottom, $color)
    Local $count = 0, $percent = 0
    For $i = $left to $right Step 1
        For $j = $top to $bottom Step -1
            $poscolor = PixelGetColor($i, $j)
            If $poscolor = $color Then $count +=1
    $total = ($right - $left + 1) * ($top - $bottom + 1)
    $percent = Round($count/$total, 3)
    Return $percent

Only tested it a couple times. Like PixelSearch, it will be slow if the area is large, since it searches every pixel.

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