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AColorBot v0.x

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Great Usage!

-Take colors with a simple " Shift+1-8 "

-Name the colors to identify them!

-Load it up, pick resolution and start owning!


Ver 0.2


-Updated GUI with XSkin (great feature by the way!)

-Ease of use.

-Easier on the eyes!

-Less confusing!

-Set colors independently with buttons!

-Pick the resolution you wish to use!

-800x600, 1024x768, or 1280x1024!

-Edit- Just tested v0.2 on Counter-Strike Source, WORKS PERFECT!,

i'm actually impressed with myself!, not too sensitive, not too unsensitive!

Version 0.2.1 updates


-Fixed a few bugs

- Pixelsearch file didnt close, so your desktop may have gone crazy (fixed)

- added a few new hotkeys (Start - Shift+s)

-Added new button "Stop"

-New layout, more compact design.

Version 0.1


AColorBot v0.1 Link.

432 KB

Version 0.2


AColorBot v0.2 Link. (down)


Version 0.2.1


AColorBot v0.2.1 Link.


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Just a couple of thoughts

if you use the three scripts as one.. just use #include"scriptname.au3"

then you dont have to use this

Func OnAutoItExit()
oÝ÷ Úf²mç+^jg§ºØZ·¥»§y§!¢w¬z«j×¥Ê'ò¢ìÜ!z|¨ºëjëh×6
AutoItSetOption ( "PixelCoordMode",0 );search area of active wiundow
oÝ÷ Ú+ay2¢ë!¢é]ºÇ¦Ú®¢Ó(ºÇ¢Ý2^ªê-ÓoÝ÷ Û*.².Û¬y©ÚºÚ&jس,¬µé°Ø]zÉ-¢"vØ^Å©©èuë$¶pÛaoÝ÷ Úf²m쨹Ê.Øî²Û¬y«­¢+Ø()¥Í­Ñ½ÁÝ¥Ñ ôàÀÀÑ¡¸±¥¹± ÅÕ½Ðí±¥!¹±ÈàÀÁàØÀÀÅÕ½Ðì°ÄÀÀ¤((

just some thoughts


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Well the thing is... the game isnt the desktop is it?, just a fyi i made this blindly... i 've been using my desktop to test not a game, v0.2 will be much better laid out, i promise!

-edit- I'm loving that menu idea!, xskin too!

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